What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a common inflammatory skin condition characterized by frequent episodes of redness, itching and an increased rate of skin cell turnover resulting in excessive growth of the epidermis. This growth continues to build up leaving thick, dry, silver scales on the skin.

What causes psoriasis?

The exact cause of Psoriasis is not yet known, although it seems to be an inherited disorder. The excessive growth of the skin is due to cells, associated with the immune system, that have been triggered by the body’s defence mechanisms. These cells mistakenly rush to the affected site, and begin healing the area by producing new skin cells. The new skin cells are produced at a faster rate than the damaged cells are shed, and so the cycle of production goes on. This results in areas of skin that become thickened, red and inflamed.

How can rose hip oil help?

Psoriasis sufferers have skin that is low in essential fatty acids and prone to dehydration. This worsens the problem of scaling and itchiness and can leave the skin open to infection from scratching and minor injuries. The application of rose hip oil keeps the skin moist and nourished to reduce the itching and scaling and provides the right environment for healing. In addition, the anti- inflammatory properties of rose hip oil help to prevent infection.

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