Do you have a Beauty Blog?

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How does Affiliate Marketing work?

Kosmea Rose Hip OilWe have partnered with a third-party affiliate marketing network called ClixGalore. They track the visitors your send and their purchases on our website and will remit your commission payment once a month once (threshold may apply). At ClixGalore, you will have access to Kosmea marketing banners, widgets, text links, and other tools or creative for placement on your blog or website. When your visitors click through to the ourwebsite via these links, the visitor is tracked during all visits to the website within a 60-day cookie window until they place an order. When an order is placed by such a visitor, the order is associated with your website as the referring source and your affiliate account is credited a commission for the order. So the more visitors you refer to Rose Hip Beauty and the more of these visitors who make purchases, the more you get paid. And if this same customer makes more purchases within that 60-day time period, you continue to receive commissions.


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