Rosa Canina Now On Rose Hip Oil Labels

Rosa Canina now on Kosmea Australia Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil LabelsWith the introduction of the new Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil packaging, the ingredient name of the rose hip has changed from Rosa Eglanteria to Rosa Canina. This is because the product is being sold throughout the world, and Rosa Canina is a more universally accepted and recognized name for the same ingredient.

The rose hip oil ingredient has NOT changed. And Kosmea continues to source its 100% certified organic rose hips from the Maluti Mountains of Lesotho, a small country in southern Africa, where rose hips grow wild and are not commercially farmed. The rose hips are hand-picked by the local people of Lesotho, providing the community with a sustainable income.

The processing of the entire rose hips (fruit, skin, and seed) using supercritical fluid extraction has not changed either. This most expensive form of processing ensures that the oil contains the highest-possible concentrations of skin-nourishing vitamin A.

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