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Kosmea Revive Illuminating Presence Luxurious Facial Oil

Kosmea Revive Illuminating Essence Facial Oil

Introducing Kosmea’s new Revive Illuminating Essence, a superfine facial oil that gives skin a brightening, antioxidant boost, leaving skin looking more rejuvenated, healthy and vibrant. Rapidly absorbing, this light oil offers protection against damaging free radicals while hydrating and protecting skin. Key ingredients:

Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil; CoQ10; Vitamin C; Seabuckthorn Oil; Pomegranate Oil; Raspberry Oil.

The unique, high-performance formulation of naturally derived ingredients enhances skin’s elasticity, diminishes fine lines and delivers an intense boost of hydration to help prevent premature ageing. Rosehip Oil, CoQ10 and Vitamin C are all powerhouse antioxidants and helps protect against the visible signs of aging. Restorative antioxidants from pomegranate and raspberry oils help to moisturize and stimulate cell turnover, yielding a dramatic improvement in your skin’s texture and appearance.

Kosmea founder Marie Kapetanakis describes the oil as “A perfect luxurious lightweight, berry oil, full of amazing ingredients, it easily glides onto the skin, leaving the skin nourished and supple”.

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